Sunday, July 12, 2015

Story Theatre

Another Actor’s Studio summer camp finished.  This year they performed “Story Theatre”.  A series of stories in the Grimm Brother’s Collection and Aesop’s Fable.  Some of the tales were dark and some of them were really funny.  Six of the kids got to direct some of the plays. 

They performed 10 tales from the Grimm Brother’s and Aesop’s Fables collection.  The Little Peasant was funny and tragic.  The peasant cons all of the towns people out of their money, animals and manages to kill off the whole town by getting them to jump into the lake.

Henny Penny was so hilarious.  OMG this was the funniest thing ever!  The actors were running around the stage acting goofy, making animal noises and enjoying themselves. Everyone in the audience just about peed their pants because they were laughing so hard.  The sky is falling, the sky is falling   I must tell the king so Henny Penny sets off  to see the king. Along the way she meets other animals mostly other fowls and a fox.  The birds are eaten by the fox. Henny Penny is left and she decides not to tell the king.

The Master Thief was a little sad.  My son was the Master Thief.  The master thief had ran away from home so many years later he goes back home to see his parents. His parents are old.  He has supper with them.  Then he goes to see the Count who is his Godfather. The count gives him 3 tasks to complete: steal his horse, steal his bed sheet  while they are sleeping and to steal the parson and his clerk. The master thief completes all 3 tasks. The count banishes him so he was never heard from again.

These kids have 3 weeks to put this show together, learn lines, help getting the set ready and getting their costumes ready. The actors did an awesome job bringing these fairy tales to life.  My son also had some ensemble parts in the other tales.  It’s amazing how they put this all together in 3 weeks. My son loves this camp and the director.  The director brings out the actors within these kids. They all love him and look forward to being a part of his camps.

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