Monday, March 31, 2014

Oh! de Cologne!

My son has been wanting to get some cologne so we when we were at the mall we stopped in the Sephora store in JCPenney's.  They have a small selection of men's fragrances.  I was perusing  the women's fragrances.  We spent a long time smelling all of the fragrances.  After a while they all start smelling the same.

We asked the sales person if we could get some samples.  We were allowed to get  3 samples.  I chose Prada Candy, Coach Poppy and Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir.  My son got Versace Eros, Versace Eau Fraiche and Prada Infusion D'Homme.  While we were waiting to get our samples quite a few other people wanted samples.  We started something!  LOL!

When we got home I put on some of the Prada Candy, my son and husband put on some of the Versace Eau Fraiche.  It's interesting that the Versace Eau Fraiche smelled more fruity on my son then on my husband.  I liked the Prada Candy.  My husband and son also liked it on me.  My son liked the Versace Eau Fraiche.  My husband didn't care for it on him.

I ordered some free samples of perfume so we are eagerly awaiting their arrival.  There is so many fragrances to choose from.  How does one go about figuring out which one they like?  I guess we can keep getting samples until we find one that we love.  So we shall see how long it takes to find just the right perfume/cologne.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Divas Half Marathon 5K Training Day 3

The beginning of March I started jogging again.  I am training for a 5K race that is in June but I'm at the walk/jog stage right now.  I had planned to run 3 days a week but last week I only ran 2 days.  The first day was good especially after not having run for a while. I am following the C25K program since I have done the program before I started on week 5 which is walking for 5 minute warm up, jog for 8, walk for 5, jog for 8 and a 5 minute cool down. My route has an uphill part which is my warm up but when I get to the top I am usually out of breath when I start jogging.  Once I get on the flat part of the path I can find a comfortable pace to jog at.  The other day it was very hard to run.  I had no energy and my legs felt like lead.  Today's run was really good. I had a good pace going and a comfortable stride.  I felt pretty good after the run.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Frozen Movie

Last night hubby, the boy and I saw “Frozen”.  What a great movie!  The characters were fun and believable.  It is a visually stunning movie with a great soundtrack.  We loved all of the nuances of it.  The songs are catchy.  We along with everyone else are singing the songs all day.  Idina Menzel’s voice is flawless as well as all of the other singers.  Now we want to go to the “Frozen Sing Along” movie.

The story is a little different than the normal Disney Princess movies. It’s not about their desperate need for a boyfriend; it is more about the sister’s relationship than about Kristoff and Anna. Normally in Disney movies the male characters are about as deep as a 3 foot swimming pool. In this case all the characters are more 3 dimensional. The songs have been stuck in all three of our heads since we saw it. The standouts are “For the First Time in Forever”, “In Summer”, Let It Go”, and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman”. The snowman Olaf is a very funny character and is oblivious to everything bad happening around him. He reminded me of Sid from Ice Age. The “Let it Go” part of the movie reminded me of “Defying Gravity” from the Broadway musical “Wicked” which also featured Idina Menzel.
"While winter is a great time to cuddle, in summer I will be a…HAPPY SNOWMAN!"

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Training For A 5K Race

I was looking for a 5K race to run in May with my hubby but I couldn’t find any local ones in May. After looking at a lot of races I signed up for the  Divas Half Marathon.  What girl doesn’t want to feel like a Diva?  I will start to train for it since I’m not a runner and I don’t exercise regularly.  August of last year I started the C25K program and got as far as the last week but then I got sick, the holidays came up, etc.   Excuses, excuses… I have gone out running a few times since January but not on a regular basis.  I am going to get on a regular run schedule so I can work up to running 3.1 miles.  I will be running this race by myself. I have until June to train so that should be plenty of time to get up to running 3.1 without having to walk in between.
I’ve been eying this race since last year when I ran across someone’s blog that was going to run it in San Juan Puerto Rico.  There have been a lot of good reviews of the race.  I was trying to decide between the See Jane Run, Divas Half Marathon and the Mermaid Race.  I choose the Divas one because it is close.  The See Jane Run is a little too far.  I am still going to the Mermaid Race which is in San Francisco.  It sounds like a lot of fun.  These are all women centered races. Should be fun.  I've done 5K races before but I have never run one so I'm excited about my first running race.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Redding Marathon

A few weekends ago, hubby ran the Redding Marathon, 26.2 miles from Lake Shasta Dam down to the Sundial Bridge in Redding. The race started Sunday morning so we drove up on Saturday, about a 4 hour drive. I needed to go to the bathroom so the road sign said there was food so we stopped at an El Pollo Loco in Fairfield.  That was the first time we have eaten there because we don’t have one near us.  The food is very good.  I got chicken avocado salad which was very good. The chicken was so flavorful and moist. We got to Redding about 2:00pm.  My girlfriend was running the race too. They’d both been training together for the race, running for months to work up to 20 mile training runs.  She was coming up later with her husband and son who is a friend and classmate of my son, so we picked up both their bibs, shirts, and packets at the Fleet Feet store in Redding.

Sun Dial Bridge
We stayed at the Best Western Hilltop Plus Redding which is near the Sundial Bridge.  The rooms were very clean and the hotel staff was very pleasant.  There is a restaurant called CR Gibbs American Grill which is attached to the hotel.  Included in the price of the room is breakfast.  The breakfast was good.  There was scrambled eggs, pancakes, French toast, fried potatoes, sausage, yogurt, fruit, oatmeal.

We had never seen the dam before so Saturday afternoon we drove up to the dam and walked across it.  That was pretty cool. It was weird there were several micro climates along the dam. One minute it was warm the next it was cold and so on all the way across the dam.  Hubby also wanted to drive up to see the riverside trail where the race would take place but the access road was so rutted and steep that we didn’t want to take our car on it.  A four wheel drive car would do better on that road.

Hubby didn’t want anything heavy for dinner the night before the race so we walked to the Habit Burger Grill that was a couple of blocks away. It was a long walk, and there was a line out the door when we got there, but the hamburgers and fries are really good.  It was too cold to sit outside and the outdoor heat lamps weren’t working so we finally snagged a table inside.

Shasta Dam
The next morning hubby got up early, ate breakfast and then headed off to the race.  Our friend’s husband drove them to the start of the race.  The boy and I went down to breakfast.  We were going to hang out in the room but his friend wanted to go to the mall that was near the hotel so we went to the mall to hang out a bit.  His friend wanted to get some Nike compression socks from Foot Locker.  After he bought his socks we went back to the hotel to hang out until we needed to pick up hubby at the end of the race.

Hubby runs slow so around 2:00 pm the boy and I headed over to the bridge to cheer hubby on and greet him at the finish line.  Not long after we got there my friend came in around 3:10 but hubby wasn’t with her.  She said they ran together up until mile 14.  They saw each other again at mile 21 when she passed him where the trail double backs.  So the boy and I waited and waited.  The staff said there were 2 guys out there and one of them was limping.  I thought it might be hubby since he is pushing 60.  After a few more people came in hubby finally came in at 3:58 but not limping.  The booths and music people were packing up their things.  We did manage to score a whole peach pie from the Marie Calender's booth and some cookies. 

Mount Shasta with hardly any snow on it.
The weather the day before was cooler but race day it was a little warm out to be running 26.2 miles.  Who would have thunk that it would be so warm in January.  We had some unseasonably warm weather the week before.  So hubby was sore but not as sore as our friend was.  She had to take an ice water bath.  Hubby took a cold shower and then we watched the 49ers/Broncos playoff game.  After the game we went out to dinner with the boys friend at Cattlemen’s Steakhouse which was a couple doors down from the hotel.  I haven’t been to Cattlemen’s in years.  My family would eat at the Cattlemen’s on the Siskiyou mountains on the way up to Oregon when we would go visit family in Oregon. The food was really yummy.  I got a mixed meat brochette.  We went back to hotel. 

The next morning we went down to breakfast with our friends before we both headed back home.  We went back to our room packed up our things and started home.  We stopped at Safeway on the way home to get some road food and to gas up at the Safeway gas station.  We were on the road around 11:00am.  Hubby getting lost as usual.  He finally found Highway 5 South.  We arrived home around 3:00pm.  Always good to be home.