Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fall Cold Or Something Not Feeling Great

It's that time of year where everyone is getting sick and winter colds are making the rounds.  My son was not feeling well a few weeks ago. Sneezing, running nose and coughing.  He had a fever a couple of weekends ago but it didn't last. He's over his cold I guess that's what it was.

Now I've been under the weather.  I had a sore throat a week ago, snuffly nose and a tickle cough.  I hate when I get that tickle cough. This week I'm not feeling bad but not that great either.  I was tired over the weekend so I spent all day in bed sleeping. On Monday I thought I was going to lose my voice because I had that sexy voice thing going. LOL!   I am not sleepy well because I keep waking up at 4:30am coughing.  My cough syrup keeps wearing off at 4:30am. Ugh.  I still have a cough and my voice sounds better today. I feel a little better.  Thank goodness.  A lot of the kids at school are coughing, too.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Day 1 Writing Prompt Fall Activities

I am participating in the SITS Girls back to blogging challenge.

Day 1 Writing Prompt

Today’s prompt is celebrating the unique activities we love during autumn.

What are some of the activities you love to do in the fall?

What are some of the traditions you have for the three months before winter hits?

I love the fall season we don't get the fall colors and fall activities here though. I would have to drive an hour or so away to do fall activities. If I could do fall activities it would be seeing the fall colors, picking apples, going to fall festivals.  Going to the pumpkin farm.  It would be nice if there was more fall activities in my area.

During the fall I like to make hot chocolate or get the salted caramel hot chocolate from star bucks.  I also like to make soups and stews for dinner on those chilly fall nights.  

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Memorial Paddle Out

I attended my first memorial paddle out today.

A friend’s husband passed away last weekend.  Before they moved out of the area a few years ago he had been active in the city council and served as mayor. He did a lot of things for our town.

He was also an avid surfer so the surfing community wanted to gather to say goodbye to him. The local surfing club that he belonged to organized the paddle out.  They had an altar on the beach with some flowers and some pictures of him, and a table with food and drink. There had been only a week to get the word out but a lot of his surfer friends were there and townspeople and former council members and other people who had worked with him in the city. Many of them had very moving words to say at the memorial.

Then the surfers paddled out and formed a circle holding hands and exchanged stories of him. Then they put the flowers and leis in the water.  Everyone in the circle tossed water in the air as per tradition.  I think paddle outs are a cool tradition.  I’ve only seen them done on TV.  A very spiritual moment. Those who didn’t go out in the water stayed on the shore to watch. 

It was a very lovely and beautiful memorial. Young and old were there to pay their respects.  It was nice seeing my friend and her boys but I wish it had been under happier circumstances.

R.I.P. JV.  Aloha.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Shoes, Pizza, Shoes, Shoes and Shoes!

Today hubby, the boy and I went to Burlingame to look at a new running shoe store and maybe get new running shoes.  But first we wanted to go to T-Pumps. It’s a popular store that serves bubble tea (also called boba tea, for the tapioca balls at the bottom of the cup).  This was the first time we have been to T-Pumps or had bubble tea.  There was a line to the door and it took a while to get up to the register. Hubby got the pineapple coconut, I got the green tea with peach and the boy got green tea with chocolate cherry.  We all got the boba with it.  Boba has a strange consistency, soft and chewy, and sized to just fit the oversized straws when you suck them up.

The boy wanted to go the Vans store to get a pair of shoes.  He finally found a pair he liked. Then we mosied down to A runners Mind running store, where we all ended up with new Brooks shoes.  The customer service was excellent.  The sales people were very attentive.  They knew exactly what kind of running shoes we needed.

We were hungry so we hunted for some food. The boy wanted pizza so we ended up going to Blue Line Pizza.  It is a pizza sports bar kind of place.  A little loud.  We ordered a sausage, mushroom and bell peppers deep dish pizza.  We have never had a deep dish pizza before.  Hubby and the boy liked the pizza.  I didn’t like all the chunky tomatoes on top of the pizza.  Otherwise it was pretty good.

I didn’t get a chance to go to the Jougert store that is across the street from the T-Pumps store.  Next trip. We were full and it was getting late.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


An earthquake woke me up at 3:20 am this morning. I heard it coming, the house creaked and it felt like a rolling wave.  The bed was shaking. All I thought was “Holy Crap, I hope this isn’t the big one.” Then I woke up my hubby who was still asleep to ask him if he felt it. No, he slept through it, I don’t know how. But he did light up his phone and checked the USGS earthquake site that we always go to after we feel one (this is California, after all). Then he went back to sleep! LOL!

The earthquake was centered near American Canyon which is 40 miles away from us.  It had a magnitude of 6.1. Downtown Napa was hit the hardest.  Some of the old buildings were affected, some of the roads buckled, Highway 121 has a crevice in it.

And I couldn’t get back to sleep. Adrenaline does that to me. And earthquakes.