Sunday, September 14, 2014

Shoes, Pizza, Shoes, Shoes and Shoes!

Today hubby, the boy and I went to Burlingame to look at a new running shoe store and maybe get new running shoes.  But first we wanted to go to T-Pumps. It’s a popular store that serves bubble tea (also called boba tea, for the tapioca balls at the bottom of the cup).  This was the first time we have been to T-Pumps or had bubble tea.  There was a line to the door and it took a while to get up to the register. Hubby got the pineapple coconut, I got the green tea with peach and the boy got green tea with chocolate cherry.  We all got the boba with it.  Boba has a strange consistency, soft and chewy, and sized to just fit the oversized straws when you suck them up.

The boy wanted to go the Vans store to get a pair of shoes.  He finally found a pair he liked. Then we mosied down to A runners Mind running store, where we all ended up with new Brooks shoes.  The customer service was excellent.  The sales people were very attentive.  They knew exactly what kind of running shoes we needed.

We were hungry so we hunted for some food. The boy wanted pizza so we ended up going to Blue Line Pizza.  It is a pizza sports bar kind of place.  A little loud.  We ordered a sausage, mushroom and bell peppers deep dish pizza.  We have never had a deep dish pizza before.  Hubby and the boy liked the pizza.  I didn’t like all the chunky tomatoes on top of the pizza.  Otherwise it was pretty good.

I didn’t get a chance to go to the Jougert store that is across the street from the T-Pumps store.  Next trip. We were full and it was getting late.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


An earthquake woke me up at 3:20 am this morning. I heard it coming, the house creaked and it felt like a rolling wave.  The bed was shaking. All I thought was “Holy Crap, I hope this isn’t the big one.” Then I woke up my hubby who was still asleep to ask him if he felt it. No, he slept through it, I don’t know how. But he did light up his phone and checked the USGS earthquake site that we always go to after we feel one (this is California, after all). Then he went back to sleep! LOL!

The earthquake was centered near American Canyon which is 40 miles away from us.  It had a magnitude of 6.1. Downtown Napa was hit the hardest.  Some of the old buildings were affected, some of the roads buckled, Highway 121 has a crevice in it.

And I couldn’t get back to sleep. Adrenaline does that to me. And earthquakes.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

RIP Robin Williams

The world lost a brilliant comic genius and a caring generous man last Sunday.  Even though I didn’t know him I felt like I did.  His death has affected me. He’s been on mind a lot this week.

Robin, you were a very special person. You brightened our days with joy and laughter and the world is going to be an emptier place without you in it.

Depression and mental illness are growing among our population.  We need to have better ways to treat this. 

My favorite movies are RV, Mrs.Doubtfire, Jack, The Birdcage and Aladdin.   

Sending my heartfelt condolences and prayers to the Williams Family. 

RIP Robin Williams 1951-2014 
Robin Williams

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Running or Lack Of

After my Divas 5K race in June, my running has been really inconsistent or not at all. I haven't been running in a long while so I started up again this week.  The first day I actually enjoyed it.  It felt like I was a runner.  Usually when I run it feels like a chore. I was able to let my mind go and not think about how much I'm not enjoying this and when will it be over.  It was easier jogging.   I am still in the jogging faze and run really really slow. The second day I went out it felt like I was trudging along and not enjoyable at all.  Yesterday I jogged a little faster, had a good pace and let my mind and body go without thinking about how I was jogging.  So maybe I am slowly getting to where I could enjoy it and not think of it as a chore that makes my body hurt.  I was keeping up with hubby who runs a little faster than me.  So two days I've actually felt good and enjoyed the jog this week.

 Before when I was running the top of my rib cage and hip would hurt.  I found if I don't eat a lot before I run it helps with the rib cage cramps.  This week I have been stretching my hip out a bit before I run so it helps.  That is another reason why I enjoyed it because my rib cage didn’t cramp and my hip didn’t hurt.

Hubby wants to run a 5K with me so we are trying to figure out which race to do.  I like the smaller races.  I found one that looked good but it is this weekend which I won't be ready for.  We are aiming for a race in September.  

I am thinking about joining our local running club.  Hubby doesn't want to join it because it is a “woman's running club”.  Yes it was started by woman but there are a few men in the club.  I don't see why it makes a difference. Who cares?  Maybe I should just join myself.  They put on runs and clinics for their members.  It would be nice to get to know some other runners in town.  Maybe I can find a beginner runner who runs at my slow pace to run with?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

San Francisco Site Seeing

The week after 4th of July hubby, the boy and I played tourists.  We drove to San Francisco to site see.  We went to Flax Art store because I wanted to check it out.  We went to Ike’s Place for a sandwich because the boy has been wanting to go there for a while.  It is a hole in the wall place with really good sandwiches.  At lunch time the line is always out the door so we decided to go later in the afternoon after the lunch rush.  I ordered the Tim Lincecum which is ham, turkey, bacon, Havarti cheese and avocado.  I got in on a gluten free bun.  The boy got a Harrison Barnes which is fried chicken, cheese.  All the sandwiches come with chips and a caramel apple sucker.  We took the sandwiches to Twin Peaks because there is 360 degree views of the city.  But unfortunately the fog decided to roll in so we only got peek a boo views of the views.  It gets really windy up there but it was really windy and cold there on Monday. 

On Friday we rode Bart to Powell Street. Westfield San Francisco Centre is near the Powell Street Bart station.  It has 5 floors with lots of shops and food.  We walked along Market street.  We went to the Converse store which is cool.  There is a display of red, white and blue converse lined up on the wall in the  shape of an American flag.  There was a cool converse chandelier hanging from the ceiling above the staircase.  The seats were painted with skeletons.  Pretty cool store.  
We checked out Nike Town which is huge!  It has 6 floors.  On the main floor there is a football display with the San Francisco 49ers logo.  On one of the staircases there was  a cool floating dunk mural of Lebron James.  Each floor has different Nike gear.  There were glass balls hanging over the cash register area.  We checked out Union Square.  
The boy wanted to go to Rasputin records so we made a stop there.  They have 2 floors then you take an elevator up to upper floors.  The store is near the cable car turn around so we got to see the cable cars lining up to turn around.  There is a lot of construction going on in Union Square.  So Post Street in front of Nike Town was all torn up.  The boy also wanted to go to a Skate shop so we hopped on Muni to take it to Laguna Street where the shop was.  After that we went to John’s Grill which is an historic restaurant.  They have three floors.  The second floor is the Maltese Falcon room with a display case with the Maltese Falcon and the Dashiell Hammett book and some other things.  I had a really good Dungeness crab Louis, the boy had Fettucine Constantine and hubby had the clam chowder.  After lunch we hopped on Bart and went home.