Thursday, August 03, 2017

Taking Control of My Health!

A couple months ago, hubby and I started the Keto diet. Hubby read about this diet online and we both decided it might be the thing to jump start our weight loss. Both our weights have been going up and down but mostly up. So I was game to try this. I have been feeling really tired, blah and run down. It's nice that hubby is doing this also so it makes it easier and to have someone keep me accountable and me with him.

We are on a modified version of the diet. We decided not to cut out all carbohydrates completely but to eat low carbs, staying under 20%. We do eat vegetables and a little fruit everyday. We are using the My Fitness Pal app to track macronutirents, calories and exercise. One of our comprises on the Keto diet is we do allow for vegetables and some fruit everyday. We have to be stricter with other portions of the meal.

It's hard finding something to eat that doesn't involve carbs! You don't realize until you start reading every label and putting every portion into My Fitness Pal just how universal carbs and sugars are in our diet. We hardly ever eat out now because it is so hard to find any exciting items that are low carb and healthy, but we don't miss it much. We don't eat boxed foods or really any processed foods. So we do more cooking and less eating. No bread, no pasta, no rice, no bagels, no doughnuts, no chocolate cakes. More fish, more chicken, more fruits and more vegetables. We are also trying to limit red meat.

So the first month was rough as I detoxed from carbs and sugar. I was tired, had brain fog and was feeling really yucky. So after a month, I started feeling better and I am slowly getting my energy back. Now if I could only get a good night's sleep. I'm still not sleeping well. I have trouble falling asleep even though I'm tired and keep half waking up though out the night. Ugh.

My sugar and carbs cravings have disappeared, though sometimes I still miss them, especially desserts. It's not too bad just eating low carbs. The weight sure does come off fast when you limit carbs and sugar. I did get stuck at 21 lbs where I was going up and down for a week. Finally had a break through and now I'm 23.5 lbs down. My habits are better, too. I've been snacking less. I used to mindlessly snack on chips, etc. in between meals. I'm trying to eat healthier things when I want a snack.

I started walking with hubby. Hubby he's down 30 lbs and he's looking good. We both need to lose some more. We have picked up our exercise game so we started running again. We are using my Couch to 5K app. Since we lost some weight it's easier to run. Imagine that! We think we should be adding some strength training to tone our upper bodies. It feels good to be in control of my diet and exercise. As long as we are training for a 5K with this app we may as well sign up for a race. Now which race should we sign up for?

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