Sunday, July 19, 2015

Healthy Changes

Three weeks ago hubby and I started using “My Fitness Pal” app to track our food intake.  After inputting my height and current weight, the app gives you how much calories I should be eating per day. So far I have lost 5.5 lbs.  So far this is working for me.  It is pretty easy to write down everything I eat so now I know exactly what I am eating. I noticed I am making better food choices, tracking everything that goes into my mouth and drinking lots of water.  I am also thinking about whether I really want have that food.

Along with tracking my food, last week I started run/jogging again.  I started at week one again using my “Couch to 5K” app. I haven’t done any running since the beginning of the year. It feels easier this time around.  I’m not getting side splits, tight ribs or searing pain in my lungs so I must be in a little better shape since the last time I used the app.  I’m enjoying going jogging this time and look forward to exercising. Hubby wants to sign up for a 5K.  So I think we will sign up for one after the 9 weeks is over.  I also want to start working on strengthening my upper body with hand weights.
 The other evening when we were coming home from running, we were turning down our street and a skateboard went sailing in front of our car.  We saw a guy on a skateboard turn the corner on our left.  We were wondering where the other skateboarder was so as we drove on we saw the other guy lying in the street not moving.  People come flying down the street so I was worried he might get run over. Hubby stopped and asked if he was alright. I got out of the car and went over to see if he was OK. He turned over and set he was OK. I asked him if he needed help getting up so I helped him stand up.  He said the skateboard had slipped out from underneath him.  He was limping a little. I think he probably got the wind knocked out of him.  I’m glad he was alright.

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