Sunday, May 17, 2015

You're A Real Dancer, Pinocchio!

The boys dance company had their annual dance performance this weekend.  This years theme was “Ever After”.  The dancers are retelling fairy tales through dance—Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, the Little Mermaid were a few of the dances. All of the dance numbers were really good.  Each year the production gets better and better. 

My son has been with this dance company for several years.  When he first started dancing with them there were him and another boy.  Now it varies from 5-6 boys.  This is an audition only company.  Every January they hold auditions so he has to audition every year for a spot.  The company has also grown in size. They have 4 levels of dancers now.  These dancers work really hard from January-May getting ready for the annual dance show.  And they take a lot of dance classes during their off time to hone their dance skills. It is amazing to see how everyone has grown from year to year. This group of kids also get along really well together.  It’s always emotional when the seniors graduate and leave the group but also a happy time that they are spreading their wings and going off  to college.

My son performed the “A Wooden Boy” number which was based on Pinocchio. This was the level iii dance and these kids know how to dance. The choreography was simple, but sophisticated. The story simple and emotional.  The dancing beautiful and moving.  They had one of the girls as his maker. The scenes between them were so tender and loving.  Afterwards everyone was coming up to him and telling him that his dancing made them cry. He danced the pain, hurt, hope, confusion, and vulnerability.  I am so proud of him. I am in awe. That kind of expressiveness takes more than technical skill.  There is a lot of depth in his dancing.  He has grown so much.  He’s a dancer now, not just a boy who studies dance.

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