Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Week and A Half In the Life Of A High School Freshman

My son has a lot of good things happening. He is on the frosh/soph track team, his first high school sport. They have been practicing every day after school for more than a month. Last week was their first meet, an away game so I didn’t get to see it. Our school has some fantastic runners but it’s a comparatively small team and they lost the meet. My boy ran in the 4x100m (a close 2nd place) and the 400m (not his distance but a good time).  It was a long day for them; they arrived back at school around 7:15pm.

 He also likes acting, and would usually be doing a play with a local performing arts school, but decided not to because of the track schedule. This last Friday I received a call from the school asking him to please come in and audition at the callbacks because they needed him  We discussed it, looked at his schedule, printed out a resume (no time for music or a head shot) and went down to the callbacks. They posted the cast list on Saturday night and he got a part. It actually works out perfect because the rehearsals are on a day that he is able to leave track practice a little early and the shows are after he gets out of school for the year.

Back to track. His second meet was last Thursday, a home game and a hot day. This one I got to see. It was the first track meet I’d ever been to and a lot of fun.  My husband and I sat in the bleachers in front of the track.  The field events were going on at the same time but we were interested in the foot races. It was fun to see boys and girls that I have known since kindergarten turned into such athletes. We cheered for everyone. I get pretty loud especially when the races are close. We cheer for the last runner, too. The effort to finish a 3200m race deserves cheering. My boy ran the 100m and 200m this time and did very well. The frosh/soph boys won their meet and the frosh/soph girls lost by only one point, though they have one dominating freshman runner – expect great things from her.

And then dance. He danced with his dance company at a recital today. They performed a preview of their May show. 

He has been very busy running, dancing and going to school.  He is looking forward to Spring Break—he will only have dance and track practices.  He is enjoying being on the track team.  With all of the things he has going on, I’m proud of him for keeping his grades up.

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