Sunday, July 14, 2013

An Evening at the A's Baseball Game

Last night hubby, the boy and I went to an Oakland A's game.  My son wanted to see them play against the Boston Red Sox because both teams are doing really well.  We hopped on Bart to the game.  The train drops you off right across from the stadium.  There is a long overpass that you walk over to get to the stadium. We went early because they were giving away Josh Reddick jerseys.  Unfortunately they ran out before we got to the gate.  Boo.  We stood in line for about 25 minutes or so to get into the stadium.  We had seats up in the plaza section.  The seats and the view was good but there wasn't much food near those seats just a lot of beer stands with minimal food.  The crowd in this section was an interesting bunch.  There was a lot of people getting out of their seats and a lot of people sitting in the wrong seats.  There was a group of girls sitting behind us that had margaritas and shot glasses.  Maybe a bachelorlette party.  This is only the 2nd game we have been to see the A's play.  Last time was a couple of years ago.  It was a good night.  The weather was nice and it didn't get too cold for an evening game.  We left a little early in the 9th inning so we could beat the crowd out of the stadium and at Bart but there was quite a few people who had the same idea at the Bart station.  It wasn't too bad though and the train wasn't packed to the gill like it can get after a game.
While we were at the A's game the SF Giants were playing down at Petco park against the San Diego Padres.  We were getting updates from ESPN on our phones.  Tim Linecum tossed a no-hitter to beat the Padres 9-0.  He had 13 strike-outs and threw 148 pitches.  I bet that was an exciting game to be at.  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were flooded with photos and videos of the no-hitter game.  Way to go, Tim!!
Why did they change the name of Oakland Coliseum to  I'm sorry but that is a dumb name.  As someone who grew up here, it will always be called the Oakland Coliseum.  Why do they feel the need to change the names of arenas that have been called one thing for years?

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