Saturday, June 08, 2013

6th and 7th Grade Drama Performance

Drama class is one of my son's electives this year at school.  They performed "Happily Never After" and "Mother Goose Has Flown The Coop" Thursday and Friday.  Thursday night they had a small audience.  The plays were good.  They performed the play for the school yesterday morning. My son said the students were a livelier crowd then we were last night.  LOL!  Thursday night's performance they were still perfecting their performance.  There was a little bigger audience on Friday.  The plays were much better.  They found their performance groove last night. Both plays had some funny lines in them.  It is just a matter of perfecting how one delivers their lines in a funny way.  They all did a great job.  A fun performance.   After the performance they all went to Round Table Pizza for their cast party.  There were 3 boys in Drama.  I don't know why there is usually more girls in drama then boys?

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