Thursday, December 06, 2012

Lost Phone

This morning when my son was going to school he saw a cell phone on our lawn.  Hubby picked it up and brought it to work with him.  It was an old style cell phone so he was trying to figure out how to open it to see who it belonged to.  After googling the phones instructions, he finally got it to open. He found the owners name, phone number and address so he called the home phone and left her a message saying he had found the phone. He left me an e-mail with the person's name.  I recognized the name it is his CCD teacher.  She lives around the corner from us. When we dropped the boy off at the church's Youth Group meeting I gave his teacher back her phone.  She was so appreciative.  She gave me a couple of hugs.  My hubby said her phone had been ringing since 2:00pm this afternoon. Of course, by the time I gave it back to her it was out of juice.  She just knocked on our door and gave our son a Cold Stone gift certificate to thank him for finding her phone.  That was nice of her to do that. I guess she dropped the phone when she was walking her dog and he happened to poop on our lawn and she bent over to pick it up and her phone dropped out of her pocket onto our lawn.  All is well that ends well.

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  1. What a great story! How nice of y'all for pursuing to find the owner and how nice of the person for being appreciative. This is a fine example of how well your son is being raised and also a fine example for your son on how important it is too show appreciation to others too. Thanks for sharing!