Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Instagram December Photo Challenge

My son and I have been doing the Instagram December Photo Challenge.  Day 11 is black and white. We are having fun but sometimes it is hard trying to come up with a picture for that days theme.

I guess Winter is here. It sure was cold out today. I worked at the school where I was subbing for a month and half today. The kids were asking me where I have been. That is so sweet that they missed me.  I got to go out on the yard with the kinders. They are so cute. I forgot how funny they can be and how they tell on each other for the littlest things.They started school in November so that was a new experience. I was freezing out on the yard today though. It was nice to see the kids and the staff since it has been a while since I have subbed for my friend there.  I'm still looking for part-time work. Right now I am subbing with the school district so I get calls when people call in sick.  Yesterday I had a lot of calls to come in and work at three different schools.  My phone kept ringing off the hook with job calls.  Unfortunately, I couldn't accept any of them since I was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday.

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