Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Vacation Day 5 August 16, 2012

We went to Disneyland today.  We had breakfast at one of the the Main Street Cafes.  They had some gluten free things.  The boy wanted to go over to Tomorrowland so we headed over there.  We rode on the Star Tours which is in 3d now and it is really fun. We got fast passes for Star Tours. We went on the Buzz Light year blast ride.  The boy has never been on the Jungle Cruise ride so  we rode the Jungle Cruise.  I'd forgotten how hokey it is but it is still fun.  Of course we had to ride on the Pirates of the Caribbean.  That is always one of my favorites.  They changed the ride a bit.  The last time we were here they were redoing the It's A Small World ride so we rode on that one, too.  We had lunch at Tommorrowland's Red Rocket Pizza Port.  When you request a gluten free pizza the chef will come out and personally take your order and then you pick up the pizza from the chef when it is done.  You get a choice of cheese or pepperoni pizza.  The pizza is a personal size pizza.  Hubby and I got the GF pizza and the boy got a regular pizza slice.  We all got the Planetary Pizza Salad - Crisp lettuce with pepperoni, Roma tomatoes, mixed olives, and a Parmesan cheese blend, with vinaigrette dressing which was really good.  We got too full on the pizza and the salads.  Next time hubby and I will split the pizza.  The boy even liked the salad.
We went over to California Adventure because we wanted to ride the Soarin' Over California but there was a long wait so we got fast passes.  We went on Mike and Sulley to the Rescue Rides.  I didn't really like the Soarin' Over California ride.  The scenery was cool but I didn't like having my feet dangling over the edge and I didn't like being in the air.  There were some other rides that we wanted to go on but the lines were too long.  Radiator Springs in Cars Land was cool.  It looked just like the movie.
We had gone back in the evening after resting a bit earlier.  They were having Mad Hat T Party where one journeys down a glowing rabbit hole and enter a wonderland filled with pulsating lights, color and music! Mad T Party is a vibrant nighttime dance party inspired by the manic energy of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.  It was really loud.  They did have a human slinky dancing on one of the smaller stages that was fun to watch. We had to walk through here in order to get to other areas. Disneyland is always pretty when it is lite up at night.  We didn't see any of the fireworks shows or the light parade.
We were exhausted it was closing time so we headed back to our hotel room.  We did a lot of walking and it was humid so my feet were swollen.  Tomorrow is another rest up day before we go home on Saturday.

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