Friday, March 30, 2012

Exercise Options

I need to rethink and maximize my exercising. Once a week dance class is not enough. My dance class ended last week so I have 2 week wait before the next session starts. The last class was so much fun. I hope I don't lose my momentum.  I was just starting to get in the groove of it. I finally was able to get the whole the routine down.  What shall I do in between sessions?

I've been wanting to try a Zumba class but the gym I am a member of charges you extra to go to the Zumba class.  I've been thinking of dropping my gym membership and find another gym that offers more classes and equipment.  I am bored with my gym.

Now that the weather is getting nice I need to start walk/jogging again so I can do more 5k races.  A friend of mine just started going to a boot camp class.  She wants me to go with her.  The class looks really intense.  I am coming off of my frozen shoulder injury caused by fracturing my clavicle so I still can't lift heavy things.  I would have to do a modified version of the boot camp until my shoulder gets stronger.  It is better then it was but I still have some limitations.  A boot camp class would be a good way to jump start my weight loss program since I am at a stand still right now.

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