Friday, September 09, 2011

First Middle School Dance

Tonight was my son's first middle school dance at the community center.  It is put on by the Parks and Rec staff.  A few of his friends also went.  Quite a few girls from his grade were there also.  There are 6, 7 and 8th graders from the different k-8 schools and the middle school.  He told me that he probably wouldn't dance even though he likes to dance and he is good at it.  So I bet the girls will be lining up to dance with him. I told him that he had to say yes to any of the girls who asked him to dance.  There were a ton of kids there.  Once they are in there they don't let them out until it is time to go.  I remember when I went to school dances and the girls were on one side and the boys were on the other side.  After a while everyone started dancing and the girls would dance in groups.  So I wonder if the kids today still do that?  I hope they have some good music that he can dance to. It seems like the kids today like the remixed songs and hip hop songs.  There were ground rules that the Park and Rec staff enforces.  I hope they all have a good time.

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