Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School

Today was back to school day for my son who is in 6th grade. Every year hubby and I walk him to school on the first day of school.  I take a photo of him and his friends on the first day.  It is always a madhouse on the first day and the parking is pretty tight so it is easier to walk since we live near the school. His backpack was so heavy he couldn't even stand up straight with it.  It is always nice seeing old mom friends that I haven't seen since the end of last year.  My son was a little disappointed that none of his friends were in the same class this year. 
I don't know why they decided to start school in the middle of the week.  The district also changed the start time of school by starting 10 minutes earlier.  I enjoy having my son home for the summer but it was nice to be able to do things while he was at school.  When I picked him from school at the end of the day, he still had a bunch of things in his backpack.  I don't why the teacher didn't have them put some of their things in their desks.  I walked over to pick him up so he had to carry his fully loaded backpack home with him.  Poor guy he said that his shoulders were hurting from carrying his fully loaded backpack.  I hope they get to put some of their things into their desks tomorrow. 
Quite a few of his fellow classmates are going to the middle school now so it was strange not seeing them on the playground this morning. Most of them have  been going to school with my son since kindergarten. His school is a K-8 but he decided to stay there instead of going to the middle school. One of his fellow classmates that moved at the end of kindergarten year is back at his school so it was nice to see her back.

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