Saturday, July 23, 2011

Seattle Trip Day 8 July 7, 2011

It was overcast this morning. We are driving to Multonmah Falls Columbia River Gorge. It took us a little while getting our of Portland because the GPS kept giving roads to turn on that had construction going on so we had to find alternate routes to get our of Portland. We finally got on the highway after our little tour of Portland!  It took us a little while to get to the falls because it is a ways East of Portland.  The falls were spectacular.  There are several falls in the park and the major one is the Multonmah Falls.  We saw an old tunnel that was built into the rocks that used to be the road through the area now it is just a path that goes to some falls.  The inside of the tunnel was way cool. 
After visiting the falls we headed to Shady Cove, Oregon where we are spending the night.  It was a pretty drive going to Shady Cove.  I saw a bald eagle sitting in a nest atop a pole.  That was cool but I wish I had gotten a picture of it.  Too hard to get pictures while in a moving car.  We finally arrived at the Edgewater Inn which is along the Rogue River.  It is a nice hotel.  Our room was on the river side so we had balcony and a nice view of the river.  The river was running very rapidly.  We walked over the bridge to a Mexican restaurant where we had dinner called Miguel's Guadalajara Restaurant. The food was very good.  We sat at a table at their outdoor deck with the river below us.  I had the tilapia tacos with rice and beans, the boy had the kids beef enchilada and hubby had the crab enchiladas.  The restaurant is directly across from our hotel.  After dinner we went back to the hotel and went for a little walk around the area.  We went to the little park that is next to the hotel.  After our walk we went for a swim in their pool and  soaked in the hot tub.

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