Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Seattle Trip Day 7 July 6, 2011

We left Seattle at 10:49am to go to Mount Rainier National Park.  Mount Rainier Park is very pretty.  There was some snow still on the ground and the hilltops.  There were some really nice views in the park.  We drove up to the visitor center to see if there were any places to eat our lunch but it was too crowded so we drove back down and ate our lunch on the side of the road overlooking the mountains. 

After Mount Rainer we drove straight to Portland, Oregon to begin our trip back to California.  We stayed at the Comfort Inn near the Portland airport.  We hooked up with my niece and nephew while we were there.  We met them at Fred Meyers which is a department store that has groceries and clothing.  They took us to see Rocky Butte which had an awesome view of downtown Portland. The weather was nice so it was a pleasant evening so we stayed up there for a little bit.  We were hungry so we went through McDonald's drive through. We ate our dinner in our room.  Next stop Crater Lake.  The boy hasn't seen it since he was not quite one so he doesn't remember it.  We are also going to stop in Klamath Falls, OR because my husband lived there for a bit so he wanted to see if it has changed since he lived there.

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