Monday, July 18, 2011

Seattle Trip Day 5 July 4, 2011

After breakfast we headed to the bus stop to go see the Space Needle.  We missed our bus because we where on the wrong side.  We waited awhile for another bus.  We finally got to the Space Needle.  We bought tickets to ride up to the observation deck.  The view up there is spectacular.  Mount Rainier was a little hazy though. It was a perfect day weather wise.  We rode the Monorail to Pike Place Market.  The market was really busy.  We ate lunch at Lowells.  It was busy there, too.  It was good. I got the fish tacos, the boy got the pulled pork sandwich and hubby got the crab cakes.  We went downstairs where it was less crowded. 
Afterwards we headed back to our hotel to rest before we went out to see the fireworks. Hubby and the boy went down to the pool for a bit.  They were down at the pool until 7:00pm. After 8:00 we walked over to Gasworks Park to watch the fireworks which started at 10:00pm.  There were tons of people there.  There was a barge on Union Lake where they were shooting the fireworks from.  The fireworks show was good but I though the fireworks show at AT&T park was better. We were tired afterwards.  We hadn't eaten anything for dinner so we thought we would find a place to eat that stayed open late but we didn't see anything so we just went back to the hotel and went to bed.

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