Friday, July 15, 2011

Seattle Trip Day 4 July 4, 2011

We had breakfast downstairs at the hotels free breakfast.   Then we headed out to catch the bus to Safeco Field.  The bus let us off a few blocks from the stadium.  We walked across a bridge then across the parking lot for Quest Field which is their football teams field. We had tickets to see the Seattle Mariners play the San Diego Padres. We got there at 10:45.  The stadium opens the gates 2 hours before the game.  The game started at 1:10 so they opened up the gates at 11:10.  They were giving away patriotic Mariners hats.  The guy who was checking the bags gave the boy a baseball trading card.  We were seated above home plate in section 335 row 2 seats 1 and 2 and seats 9 and 10.  We couldn't get 3 seats together so we bought 2 and 2 seats.  The boy and I sat together and hubby sat by himself.  Safeco Field is a nice Stadium.  I think it is a little smaller then AT&T Park and doesn't have the great ocean view.  It was a good game.  The Mariners won 3-1.  Blake Beavans made his Major League pitching debut at the game.  Before the game there was a hot dog eating contest that was fun to watch. During one of the innings the grounds crew came out to rake the field then they burst into dance to Fireworks by Katy Perry. 
After the game the kids got to run the bases.  It was cool being down on the field. There were quite a few kids running the bases but the park staff was well organized in getting the kids onto and off the field.  Afterwards the kids got some more baseball cards, a pin  and a certificate for running the bases.  They also took the kids pictures while they were running the bases.

We then took the bus back to the hotel.  We went for a swim then we got ready for dinner.  We walked over to the University of Washington to check out the campus before having some dinner.  It is a really nice campus.  There were a lot of cool old buildings and sculptures. It was a gorgeous night. Afterwards we walked over to Noodle Nation to have some dinner. Hubby and I shared the Rama Noodles which was a little spicy even though we asked for it to be mild.  The boy got the boat noodle soup.  We also got the fresh spring rolls and a papaya salad.  Afterwards we got lemon sorbets for dessert at the Hagen Dazs ice cream store. As we were walking back to the hotel we saw a big yellow crescent moon above the buildings.  The moon was so pretty,  it looked really cool and so close to the buildings.

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