Thursday, July 14, 2011

Seattle Trip Day 3 July 2, 2011

We left Garibaldi House Inn and Suites at 10:14am.  We stopped at a grocery on the way out to get some water. The weather was overcast this morning.  We decided to take Highway 5 to get us there faster then driving up the coast.  Not as pretty but it is quicker.  We stopped at an Office Depot in Portland, Oregon because I grabbed the wrong battery charger for my camera so we needed to get an universal charger so I could charge my camera battery.  We got stuck in traffic trying to cross the bridge in Portland. Finally got across the bridge then a few miles up the road in Washington we were in stop and go traffic.  Finally got up to an accident that was at the side of the road.  The traffic eased up after we got past it. For what seemed like an hour we finally got past the accident that was already cleared to the side of the road. So there was no need for the traffic to be so slow. 
It is warm and the AC stopped working so we hope that it is cooler in Seattle.  We arrived at the University Inn in Seattle, WA at 5:15pm. Hubby missed the hotel so we had to circle back around the block through an alley and found the hotel.  We checked in.  We went down to the lobby but the elevator was stuck so we walked down the 3 flights of stairs.  We went for a swim in the pool.  I did the back stroke hoping it would loosen up my frozen shoulder.  We got cleaned up and went in search of food.  Four blocks up near the University we found a Mediterranean restaurant.  It is a little hole in the wall place on a side street. Samir's Mediterranean grill on 42nd Street.  it was good and the owner was very nice.  I had the lamb kabob plate, the boy had a chicken sandwich and hubby had a lamb shank that was slowed cooked for dinner.  After dinner we walked up a couple of blocks to get some frozen yogurt at a funky little cafe type place.  We walked back to the hotel to rest up a bit before going to bed.

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