Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Seattle Trip Day 2 July 1, 2011

We had breakfast at the Good Harvest Cafe in Crescent City.  I had a yummy Spinach, Artichoke and Swiss omelet.  It was a huge omelet.  It came with fried potatoes and toast.  The boy had scrambled eggs with fried potatoes and hubby had huge buckwheat pancakes with 2 fried eggs.
After breakfast we headed out to continue our trip to Seattle.  We stopped at Meyers Creek Beach Pistol River State Park.  It was very windy there.  There was some really cool rocks in the ocean that were huge.  My hair was blowing around like crazy.  Hubby kept trying to take a picture of my hair flying around to show the motion of the wind but it was harder then he thought to capture it.
We stopped at Port Orford Battle Rock Way Finding Point.  The beach and water were very pretty but it was windy here, too. I guess July is when they get the winds coming through the area.  The wind is a lot windier then at home.  We ate our left over Thai food from last night while looking at the beach and the ocean.  After we ate lunch we headed to Port Orford Heads State Park which is the site of the first life boat station on the Oregon Coast. From 1934-1970 U.S. Coast Guard surf men kept watch over a 40 mile stretch of coastline between Cape Blanco and Cape Sebastian.  There are trails you can walk along that lead out to the headlands with spectacular views up and down the Pacific Coast.
We stopped at Sunset Bay beach in Coos Bay, Oregon.  It is a real nice beach that is in a cove.  There were quite a few people enjoying the beach.  The boy wanted to dip his feet in the water.  He said it was cold.  Hubby needed to rest before we continued on our trip so the boy and I got out to look at the beach and walk around.  A little up the road is Shore Acres State Park which has a really nice botanical garden in it.  We stopped here when the boy was almost 1 years old.  He enjoyed the gardens.  There is a really nice rose garden we were taking a lot of pictures in there.  There is an nice big grassy area that one could picnic on and play ball on.  There is a path that walks along a cliff that overlooks the ocean.
We stopped for dinner in Florence, Oregon.  We ate dinner at the Bridgewater Restaurant.  It is a funky restaurant with good food.  I had halibut, fresh vegis and roasted red potatoes that came with a salad.  The boy got pasta primavera and hubby got the seafood chowder.  Florence, Oregon is a quaint little tourist town with cute shops.
We drove and drove in the darkness on a twisty, dark road with no visible lane dividers and no street lights.  We finally got to Garibaldi where we were spending the night.  We checked into the Garibaldi House Inn.  We were so tired that we fell instantly asleep. We were all exhausted. Oregon has a lot of really cool bridges.

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