Saturday, July 02, 2011

Leaving For Seattle Washington Day 1

Left the house this morning to head North to Seattle, WA.  Got around the block and realized my son and I forgot our pillows.  So we went back to the house and ran in grabbed our pillows then we were on our way.  We are driving up Highway 101 so we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.  I love crossing the Golden Gate it is such a pretty bridge and the scenery on a clear day is really pretty.  There were a lot of tourists walking across the bridge which is fun.  We were making good time.  At 12:53 we stopped for a bathroom break and saw a burger joint next to the gas station.  So even though I had made us some sandwiches for lunch we decided to eat some hamburgers.  My son is on a quest to find the best burger joint.  So we had some really yummy hamburgers and fries at Burgers My Way in Hopland, CA.  The seasme buns were toasted, the patty was 1/3 lb, it had lettuce, tomato, red onion slices and some kind of sauce.  The hamburger was juicey and flavorful. My son and I split a hamburger. My son rates it 5 stars and it is #2 on his list so far.  The fries were crispy and just right.
My son fell asleep after lunch as there wasn't much to see.  I took a short nap.  It is hard to sleep in the car.  At 3:00pm we stopped at Richardson Grove State Park and took their short nature trail walk to see the Redwoods.  The trees are so pretty.  The couple that volunteered at the Visitor Center were really nice and very informative.  The boy got a State Park Junior Ranger hat to add to his hat collection.  It is a nice hat.  I took some nice pictures of the Redwoods. 
At 5:00pm we stopped at Bolling Grove Auto stop #2 along the Avenue of the Giants drive.  We kept missing the Auto Tour signs finally saw one so we pulled in to see some Redwoods.  This spot had a nice stream.  There were a lot of cool Redwood burls in this grove.  It is so peaceful and quiet in among the trees.  The boy found a piece of redwood lying on the ground that looked like a surf board so he hopped on to ride the redwood forest wave. We continued on our drive heading North on Highway 101 and saw a meadow that had a bunch of Elk grazing in the grass.  The boy said we saw a bunch of white Elk butts!
We stopped a few miles south of Orick to walk down to the beach. We found a whole crab shell on the beach and some crab legs.  There were some pretty flowers along the path to the beach.  Some drift wood that had grasses growing out of it that was cool.  There were some unique grasses growing in the sand above the beach.  Since it was late afternoon the sun was sparkeling on the water.  The weather was sunny, cool and breezy. Stopped at an vista point that overlooked Crescent City bay.
Early evening we finally checked into the Curly Redwood Lodge where we are staying overnight.  The rooms walls and headboards are made of Redwood.  Nice huge room. Unfortunately we are next to the office and the ice machine.  It was a little noisey.  We ate a late dinner at the Thai House which is a few blocks up from the hotel.  It was pretty good Thai/Chinese food.  They gave us a lot so we have leftovers that I don't know when we are going to eat.  After dinner we went stopped at the harbor to walk along the water.  We saw an Egret, Seals frolicking in the water, Pelicans, the harbor and boats.  Across the way we saw a cool lighthouse.

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