Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Orthopedic Doctor

Finally I went see the Orthopedic Doctor. I saw my regular Doctor about 2 weeks ago to make sure my clavicle was healing OK.  She talked to the Orthopedic Doctor but he didn't want to see me until weeks after my injury. After the second week I stopped wearing my sling. I'm glad I did otherwise my arm would be very very stiff now. 

I had to take another x-ray of my shoulder.  My clavicle is healed but I still can't raise my arm and it hurts when I do.  The Doctor said I still had inflammation in my shoulder so I have to keep taking ibuprofen, start exercising the shoulder and to ice it for 20 minutes a day.  I have an appointment in 3 weeks unless I get my range of motion back by then.  The Doctor gave me some exercises to work on my range of motion.

I exercised my shoulder this morning it hurt but my shoulder felt good after wards and I got to ice my shoulder.  I can now drive which my son is happy about.  I don't have to keep scrambling to find someone to pick up my son from school or drive him to and from his various activities.  It still hurts when I am driving.  I can't open and close the car door to get out of the car with my injured shoulder so I have to use my good arm to reach across to open the car door.

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  1. Be sure to keep doing the range of motion exercises. Frank's shoulders both have limited range of motion and give him a lot of pain. Don't let yours get like that.