Monday, February 07, 2011

Last Basketball Game of The Season

Last Friday night my son had his last CYO basketball game of the season.  They played a team whose coach was yelling at her players.  Seriously she needs to take a chill pill.  She even told them to "SHUT UP".  The ref was really biased.  He was calling everything on our team even if it didn't merit a ref call and nothing on the other team so they were getting away with all kinds of things and playing really rough.  A few of our players got battered around.  The parents on our team and our coach were really pissed off at the ref and the other teams coach.  We lost the game but we played a good game.  We all thought the other team bribed the ref.    We ended up 4-4 for the season.  We will play this team in the playoffs.

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