Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hit By A Ball

Thursday I was standing on the playground after picking up the boy from school talking to some of my friends when one of them said "watch out ball"! I didn't see the ball coming as it hit me in the face on my right eye. It bent my glasses so much that they were really askew. The boy who kicked the bouncing ball at me came up and apologized to me. My son and I went home then I went to my Optometrist to have them straighten out my glasses. While I was there I asked if my Dr. had a few minutes to see me because I wanted to make sure that my eye was OK. As I was waiting for the doctor I became nauseous and had a slight headache. The staff was worried about me and asked if they could call someone to come get me. They had a cancellation so they squeezed me in. After dilating my eye and looking at my eye from all angles she thought I had a "retinal detachment" but it wasn't torn. I looked weird with one pupil huge and the other normal. She told me I would need to see their eye specialist or I could go home and rest it and then come back to see her in the morning to see if it had changed. I went home and put ice on it and rested my eye. She suggested I sleep on my back to keep the pressure back and not on the side of my eye. Friday morning I went back and had my eye dilated again. She thought the "retinal detachment" was a little more pronounced but not torn so she said I definitely had to see the "eye specialist" to make sure. I have Kaiser so I told her I need to go through Kaiser so I went home and called Kaiser Ophthalmology and got an appoint at 10:40a.m. I called my friend to see if she could drive me since I had one eye dilated and it was hard to see correctly but she was working at school so I called another friend of ours and she was available drive me to Kaiser. I was telling my friend, who is a retired nurse, about the slight headache and nausea I had. She thought I could have a slight concussion. The Kaiser doctor dilated my other eye and looked at both eyes. He said it wasn't a "retinal detachment" but just swelling that should go down in a few days. He gave me some warning signs and to call him if I had any of the warning signs. He said I didn't need to worry because it didn't looked like it was not torn or would tear. Once the swelling goes down I will be fine. Thank goodness! When I got home from Kaiser I laid down and took a 2 hour nap. I was so tired.

I didn't get a black eye which I was afraid might happen. My face was a little swollen but not discolored. I am still getting the slight headaches and the nausea which comes and goes. I am so glad that it wasn't a "retinal detachment".

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