Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had a good Halloween. My son had a late afternoon soccer game. It was a sunny mild day for a soccer game. His Grandma and Auntie came to watch him play. He did an awesome job playing forward, goalie and defense. It was a good game but they lost 7-1 though. The other team had some good players on their team.

Later we went to the boys best friend’s house and went trick or treating with him and his parents. That was fun. We usually just go trick or treating in our neighborhood with the boys friend across the street so that was a nice change of pace. His friend lives on a hill so we got our exercise in. The houses on the hill don’t get hardly any trick or treaters so the guys got some really good loot. Hubby and I got to visit with our friends and the boy got to visit with his friend. The boy wanted to do something different this year so that worked out well. He said he wants to go trick or treating with his friend again next year. After we got back from trick or treating with them the boy and I went around our neighborhood. His friend across the street was sick so he only went out for a little bit. A little girl who was in 2nd grade was out trick or treating with her parents by herself she wanted someone to go trick or treating with so she tagged along with us. It was cute. We didn’t that many little ones this year but lots more teenagers. They were driving in our neighborhood by the car load. The street was full of cars and teens.

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