Saturday, September 12, 2009

Soccer Opening Day

Another season of soccer. Today was my son’s Soccer Opening Day parade. It is a great place to meet up with the other folks I town because it seems like most of our town plays soccer. It is always fun to see what names the teams pick out since they get to pick their own names. A lot of the names have the color of their jerseys. My son is a light blue this year. They are called the ”Sea Titans”. Should be a fun season. Our coach also coaches his daughter’s team, too. We have had him before as a coach for soccer and baseball. Then you get to see all of the colorful banners. The under 5 years old start off the parade. They are so small and cute. Then the under 8 years are next, the under 10 years and under 12 years. My son moved up to the under 10 division this year. The kid’s love marching by and having everyone cheering him or her on. After the parade the teams take their pictures. So depending on what time your pictures are you can be there all day. It is a long day especially if you have more then one child playing soccer. Games start next weekend. The under 12 years have already started playing their games for the season.

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