Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fun Family Morning

Hubby, son and I have been walk/jogging for a couple of months. We have been doing more walking then running though but we are slowly getting there. So this morning we participated in “The Sierra Point Prowl” our first run race. The race ran along the water over to the marina. My friend and her family ran the race with us so that was nice. She is the one that told us about it. It is a fun race and I am glad she suggested we participate in it. It is a family fun run that had a 1-mile, 5k and a 10k run. The boy and his friend ran the 1-mile, hubby and I were going to run the 5k together but I only lasted the 1-mile. I walk/ran for a mile then turned around and came back. Hubby went for the 5K. Next year we will be in better shape to run the whole way. Afterwards we got a yummy BBQ lunch of hamburger/cheeseburger, hot dogs, British bangers or tri-trip sandwich with chips and a drink. There was a British car show going on too so we got to see some really cool cars. A very fun way to spend a Sunday morning.

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