Sunday, June 07, 2009

Anniversary Dinner

Hubby, son and I had a really nice dinner at a local Italian restaurant for our anniversary. We toasted each other with water glasses to “11 years”. The boy add “to 8”! Hubby got the 3-course dinner. Starting with a very nice asparagus salad that we want to try again. The dressing was just right, light and not overpowering and it came with an odd triangular goat cheese that even the boy liked. We asked the waiter and he said it was “Bermuda Triangle” a local cheese from Arcata, Ca. His main course was a braised beef (they called it pot roast but it was better then that), bacon mashed potatoes and spinach. The boy had capellini and meatballs. Actually it was one giant meatball. The boy said it was good. I had the special lobster ravioli in a lemon butter sauce. It was really yummy. For dessert hubby’s meal came with blood orange sorbet and the boy’s meal came with vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. So I wouldn’t feel left out I ordered a chocolate cake with caramel sauce and vanilla gelato and also a glass of Ruby Port. The chocolate cake was all chocolaty and gooey and was perfect with the port. Somehow the boy ended up with the sorbet! A lovely evening. We don’t dine out too often but this was a lot of fun for a special occasion.

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  1. Oh yummy. Sounds like you had a really great anniversary.