Friday, June 05, 2009

3rd Grade Pioneer Day

Yesterday my son’s school had their 3rd grade Pioneer Day. All of the kids dressed up as Pioneers. It was so cute seeing the girls in dresses and bonnets. The boys dressed in jeans or overalls and plaid shirts. Some of the boys wore hats and bandannas. The kids brought their lunch in a basket, pail, or handkerchief. In the morning there were 20 stations set up for them like Tin Art, Rope Making(that was really popular), Making Lemonade, Rock Art, Silhouettes, Spinning Wool, Making Butter, Candle Making just to name a few. Then they had lunch. After lunch there was a spelling bee. There are three 3rd classes so there were 3 kids from each class participating in the spelling bee. The teachers held spelling bees all week to narrow down the 20 kids in each class to three kids for each class. After the spelling bee the kids went outside and participated in Marbles, Horseshoes, Bean Bag Toss, Hoop Roll, Jump Rope, Hopscotch, Folk Dancing, Pick Up Sticks and Jacks.

I helped out in the morning session at the beading station. It was a fun day. The kids were having a great time. They especially liked the butter making, rope making and panning for gold stations. My son’s teacher asked me couple of weeks ago if I would be the scheduler for Pioneer Day. I worked with one of the other 3rd teachers getting the parents signed up for the stations. It was a long day for the kids. After school they all came out with the stuff that they had made. My son had a good time. A couple of the kids were on a mission to do all 20-morning stations. Most of the kids didn’t get through all of the stations.

My son’s thoughts on Pioneer Day whoo hooooo it rocked! The lemonade tasted good. My beads looked really good.

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