Monday, June 01, 2009

The boy had a baseball game this last Saturday. They were hitting and fielding really well. They have come a long way since the start of the season. We have a lot of great players on the team who will do well on their future baseball teams. The weather was overcast but it was a little humid but it was hot and cold during the game. The boy hit a couple of singles. The opposing team didn’t play as good as the last time we played them. Some of their players were swinging hard but too late so they didn’t really connect with the ball. All in all it was a pretty good game.

After the game my friend and I went for a 5-mile walk! I haven’t walked that far in a long time. I told her I might not be able to go the whole route so we decided if I got tired we would turn around. Most of the course is flat but one section goes up a step hill and then it flattens out again. I got up the hill and I wanted to turn around but my friend encouraged me to keep going because we were almost to the flat part again. So I did. It took us 2 hours to walk 5 miles at a moderate pace. We weren’t walking real fast or real slow. My feet were really sore at the end. I was so exhausted later in the evening I couldn’t keep my eyes open so I went to bed early and I slept really well.

Sunday morning the boy had his final baseball game of the season. The team we played has a lot of girls on the team who are really good hitters. They weren’t hitting as much as when we played them earlier. It was overcast and humid again but then the wind picked up and it got cold. The game was really close. Both teams played really well. It was a good and fun game. The boy hit another single he was hoping for a double though. After the game was the end of season party at the local pizza place. The manager and the coach divided up the kids and each of them spoke about the players they picked one at a time. It was nice that they spend some time thinking about how what each child brought to the team. The players got their trophies and a tee shirt. The boys got read shirts that said “Baseball Bring It Home Sweet Home” and the girls got a pink tee that said “USA Girl”. So now no more baseball games and practices until next year, which his coaches said, he is ready to move up to the next league. It was a great season with a great team and coaches. The boy also learned a lot from his coaches.

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