Saturday, May 23, 2009

Last weekend we went camping with my son’s Cub Scout pack at New Brighton State Beach in Capitola. Hubby came home early on Friday so we could leave early but it didn’t quite work out that way. I worked last week so I didn’t have time to do any laundry or shopping for camping so we ran around and did all that stuff on Friday. By the time we got everything done it was too late to drive to the campground. We didn’t want to be setting up our tent in the dark so we decided to leave on Saturday morning. The boy decided he was going to set his alarm for 4:00 am so we could leave early. Umm a little too early to be getting up. Fortunately he forgot to set his alarm but he did wake up at 5:45am. So Saturday morning we ate breakfast, packed up the car and left at 9:30. I didn’t want to go but hubby made me go with them anyway. The drive down the coast was nice. It was a sunny and mild weekend. By the time we got there it was 11:00 and there was no room in any of the 6 camping sites the pack had reserved so we parked our car in the overflow spot to wait for one of the boys in another den who had spent the night and morning throwing up to pack up and leave so we could have their spot.

I was sooo not a happy camper not having a place to set up our tent and I didn’t want to be there in the first place. We finally got to set up our tent. One of the boys’ parents in the boy’s den took him down to the beach while we waited for our spot to set up the tent. Hubby and I sat there for hours waiting to set up our tent. We made some sandwiches. Finally after 5 hours the boy came back from the beach all soaked and full of sand. He wasn’t wearing his swim trunks because all of our clothes were packed in the car and we couldn’t find them. Our friends offered us some lunch since we didn’t have our things unpacked. We ate some sandwiches and visited with them for a bit. Finally the sick boy vacated the spot so we set up our tent. The boy wanted to go back down to the beach so we suited him up and we went down to the beach. We also found a Geocache while we were down there. There were a lot of people at the beach so it was hard finding it without the muggles seeing us. The boy played in the water for a bit then we went back up to clean up and start dinner. We had dinner with the other den members. Then we went to another den members site to have smores. We had few smores although the kids had more then a few of them! We went back to our campsite and hung out by the fire. Had some jiffy pop popcorn that the boys almost attacked me because they all wanted some. LOL Then we all turned in for the night. I actually slept well. I usually have a hard time sleeping away from home. We ate breakfast with another family and one by one everyone packed up and went home. We were the only ones left at our campsite. We packed up and left at 11:30. Had a nice drive home along the coast again. There were a lot of cars going south down the road towards various beaches because the weather was so nice. All of the beaches were crowded. Finally made it home in the early afternoon.

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  1. Those sound like some great memories. Worth the effort. Glad to hear you had fun.