Thursday, May 07, 2009

Let's Play Ball

We have had a very busy week. Monday the boy had Jr. Olympics practice, Tuesday Spanish Class, Wednesday CCD, a makeup baseball game because we got rained out on Saturday and a regular baseball game this afternoon. Yesterday's game was really good. The boys teammates played an excellent game. They were all on. The game went by quickly because we kept getting hits. It was cold, dreary, drizzly and raining off and on at the game.

This afternoon's game was a good one. They played really well again. The boy was first up to bat. He had a 3 hits and 3 runs. The second to last time he was up he hit the ball but it bounced up his bat and hit him in the face. He was fine. He had a red spot where the ball hit him. Then he hit the ball and it went over to the right near the pitchers over the fence into the trees. The weather was perfect today for a game. Sunny and mild. When the sun went down behind the trees, it got a little cold. The bases were loaded and the coaches' son hit a home run and brought them all in.

Since the boy had a late game and we knew we would be home late I made some enchiladas last night so when we got home after the game I just popped them into to the oven to heat up. They were really yummy.

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