Friday, May 01, 2009

Go Away Cough

It's been a bad week. I've had a cough since Easter that was better. Just the tickley cough. On Saturday I went to the boys baseball game and it was hot, cold, hot, cold...Sunday I woke up with lots of gunk in my throat, feeling dizzy and tired so I spent all day in bed sleeping. Sunday I had a fever of 101 deg. I also spent the night trying to sleep because I slept too much during the day and I was coughing up a lung all night. The boy was so sweet. He brought me water, Tylenol, a cold towel for my fever and snuggled with me. He said he was going to take care of me and he did. Monday I still had the gunk in my throat so I spent the day in bed until I had to pick the boy up from school. I still have the tickley cough which is annoying me. Hubby has the same cough so we are a pair. LOL

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  1. Boy can I sympathize. I have had a cough all week and the sinuses are driving me nuts. Hope you are feeling better soon.