Saturday, May 09, 2009

Junior Olympics

Today was a long but fun day. The boy competed in the Junior Olympics and he participated in the relay team, 200m, softball throw and the long jump. The first part of the day was overcast and cold later in the afternoon the sun finally came out. Our day started off by running to the store to grab some water and some sandwiches. We arrived at 8:30 got our cheering props megaphones, pom poms or cow bells. We staked out our school’s spot in the bleachers with balloons and after the parade our banner. The team wore the same t-shirts in our school colors that said “team _________”. At 9:00 the opening parade started. The adults who had on the t-shirts walked in the parade with the kids behind our school banner. Then they had the announcements and the singing of the National Anthem by a teacher who teaches music to the kids. Group 1 ran their races in the morning. We have quite a few good runners in Group 1 both the girls and the boys. The boy who was in Group 2 did the softball throw and the long jump before lunch. The relay teams were supposed to run before lunch but they decided to have them run after lunch. Around 11:30 we all had lunch.

In the afternoon the relay teams ran their races the Group 2 ran their heats. We had 2 girls running in Group 2 but one of them went home because she wasn’t feeling well. There were quite a few boys running in Group 2. Group 1 did their field events of softball throw and long jump. The boy’s relay team didn’t place in their heat. There was some good and close races in the boys heats.

At the end of all of the races they had the awards ceremony and the kids got their medals. Unfortunately the boy didn’t get any medals today. Our school brought home the “team spirit” trophy though.

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