Sunday, March 08, 2009

Nice Sunday Walk

Hubby, the boy and I went for a nice walk this afternoon. We walked along Milagra Ridge, a 230 acre section of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and a nice place to walk. They have fenced trails now to keep people from trampling the native plants, especially the silver lupin favored by the endangered Mission Blue Butterfly. As you walk along you can see the remnants of an old coastal artillery battery from before world war II, and the concrete covered launch pads of a Nike missile site from the 1960's.

It is a pretty walk especially in the Spring when all of the wild flowers are in bloom. Today it was really windy up there. We had to hang onto our hats to keep them from blowing away. But still a nice walk and view of the ocean. We walked about 3 miles today. The boy and I took pictures of the flowers that are just starting to bloom. There was some Lupin that has started to bloom: my husband was singing the Dennis Moore song to encourage it. When all of the wild flowers are blooming it is a spectacular sight.

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