Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beautiful Moon

Last the night moon was so pretty. There was a sliver of the moon on the bottom with venus shining brightly to the right of the sliver. I had to have a picture of it so I set up my tri-pod and put my camera on it. I was trying to find the moon in my view finder but I couldn't find then my battery died. I couldn't find my back up battery so I charged my battery for 15 minutes hoping it would be enough to be my picture. After the 15 minutes I went out again and tried to find the moon but I couldn't find it in the view finder again so I had hubby come out to see if he could find but he had no luck either. Finally I tilted the camera down a hair and voila there it was! Duh! So I got my shots finally. I put my battery back in the charger to finishing charging it.

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    The picture is wonderfully captured!

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