Sunday, March 15, 2009

Busy Day

Yesterday was a very busy day. In the morning was baseball opening day for little league. The teams line up older playersfirst, the younger players and then the t-ball players last. Each teams coach call the players name they run across the baseball diamond and stand on the other side of the field. It is so cute when the t-ball players run across the field and the other teams high five them as they run past. They get a little bewildered when they run across the field.

After the opening ceremony we had a little down time until the boys first baseball game of the season. We played the boy across the streets team. It was cold and gray out. We all were cold. It was a good game. Our team played really well. This is the first time they have played together. A few of them moved up from t-ball so this is a lot different. Four of the players played in this league last year. My son is the oldest on the team. It got really exciting at the end of the 6th inning when our team was getting hit after hit. In this league they use a pitching machine and they go 6 innings or 2 hours which ever comes first. Every player gets to play and they don't keep score.

After the game we jammed over to our church for their St Patrick's Day dinner. We just made it there before they put all of the food away. It was yummy corned beef and cabbage. They had some nice raffle gift basket. They had some of the parish girls performing Irish dances. It was a fun but busy day.

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