Sunday, December 07, 2008


Hubby and I got the brilliant idea to declutter our spare bedroom a few weeks ago. IT was pretty cluttered because we used that as a dumping ground for everything! We moved most of the stuff into our living and dining room. We cleared out more then half of the stuff that was in there. My hubby needs to go through the stuff on his desk then we are going to dismantle it. His desk his the only thing we have left to move out of there. We will scrub down the walls and clean the hardwood floors. We are going to paint the walls, get new furniture and new curtains. We want to make the room a multipurpose room. We need to find a small couch that turns into a bed, a desk where I can do my sewing and crafts, my son can do his homework and some storage for said sewing and crafts. I've got a few ideas of what kind of furniture I want in there for the small couch but I don't know if a desk would be what we want or maybe a table that has fold down leaves. I sort of know what color I want to paint the walls. We need to get an area rug, too. I hope we can clear out the living room so we can put up a Christmas tree and decorate the room otherwise Santa is going to trip on all of the stuff to get to the fireplace. LOL

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