Thursday, December 11, 2008

Aviation Museum Field Trip

Tuesday I went on a field trip with my son's class to an Aviation Museum. The museum's exhibits are a century of aviation history. They have some unique aircraft in their collection like he Condor which is a very large piston-powered super-secret robotic spy plane. They have vintage and futuristic aircraft, prototypes, photographic displays, and models on display. It is a very cool place to go. My son and I have been there before on a tour with adults. The tour was lead by a docent who used to be a teacher so he didn't overwhelm the kids. The teacher said this tour was better then last year's tour. A few of the kids got to sit in a small plane and move the rudder, etc. The museum also has simulators which were a big attraction. There was another school group there so it was a lot of kids climbing in and out of the simulators. We had some free time after lunch so we went back so the kids in our group could play in the simulator. The kids got to build and fly "glider" planes while they learned about the parts of small planes. One of our friends helps restore and repair the planes. The guys who help restore and repair the planes are all retired people. The kids and adults had a really good time. We all learned something things about aviation.

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