Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vacation Day 6

Day 6 -- 8-01-08

We left Blythe after a morning swim and headed West on I-10 to Los Angeles. We'd planned to do laundry on the trip -- never did -- so DH decided to buy more shirts and underwear along the way. Going through Indio we spotted a Target sign -- not opened yet, CVS pharmacy -- not opened yet, finally we were told to go down Jackson Street to Highway 111 and there were clothes stores there. So we drive on 111 and didn't see any clothes store. Finally we found a "fashion mall" but it was a small strip mall. It did have a Gottschalks. So we got his underwear, undershirts and another shirt there. A little expensive but what can you do?

So back onto 5 and on to Anaheim. I turned on my phone in case DH's sister called because we were meeting her in Disneyland. I tried to call her but the call didn't go through because I didn't have a signal but DH's phone did. We have the same phone company but different phones. Go figure! It was quite annoying not having a phone.

We were looking forward to being in one place for 3 whole days! I haven't slept that well on this trip except the night we spent in Lone Pine. I was tired and DH was getting tired but I couldn't take over the driving because I wasn't in much better shape to drive either so we stopped at a rest stop so he could rest up a bit before we continued on. We finally got to Disneyland at 4:30pm, checked in, and then went for a swim to cool down. My sister-in-law, niece-in-law and nephew-in-law arrived an hour after we did and we all went to dinner together at the IHOP near the hotel. Not too exciting but I got a pretty good hamburger.

DS was excited to be at Disneyland. He hadn't been to Disneyland since his third birthday and now he's about to turn eight! I was excited about not having to drive for a few days. DH wasn't excited at all (stick in the mud) but he was happy to be staying in one place, too.

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  1. that picture looks soo relaxing I want to do that!!!