Sunday, May 04, 2008

First Communion

My son had his First Communion yesterday. They had a lovely church ceremony. My son was so excited about receiving his First Communion. Well he couldn't wait to have the wine. LOL My son carried up the wheat to the alter. As he came back he was bopping his head in time to the music that the kids were singing. It was very cute. All of the kids looked good in their dresses,shirt, ties and slacks. Some of the girls had on tiaras. The kids sang songs that they had prepared for this special day. There was a nice reception after the ceremony. Our priest posed for pictures with the kids. I asked my son where he wanted to eat after his First Communion and he said McDonalds! LOL I told him to pick a nice restaurant not a fast food place. So he said he would like to eat chinese. We had lunch at our local Chinese Restaurant. We had a small family gathering with my brother, SIL who are his Godparents and his Grandma and Auntie. My niece was there so he got to see his cousin who is a year older. She had her First Communion last year. It was nice seeing my brother, SIL and niece. They live too far away so we hardly get to see them. It was nice that they were able to make it. It was a very special day for my son.

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