Monday, April 28, 2008

Cub Scout Camping

We went camping with my son's Cub Scout Pack over the weekend at New Brighton State Beach. The camp ground is in Capitola on a cliff overlooking the beach. There was a switch back path and steps on one side and a long cement path and stairs going down to the beach. The beach was a really nice beach. There were a lot of sea shells along the beach. Our camp site was on a dead end road so the kids rode their bikes and scooters on the road. The weather was gorgeous in the 70's. But it was chilly on Friday night. We need to get to warmer sleeping bags for cold weather camping. We got a new sleeping bag for our son. We brought blankets but I couldn't get warm. So I cuddled up to my hubby and slowly got warm. Saturday our den went down to the beach for some sand and sun. There were quite a few people on the beach. We found lots of shells and interesting rocks. On Saturday night the den made "hobo" packets with hamburger and vegetables layered in tin foil then you cook the packet over the coals. DH and I used beef stir fry strips in our packets. Of course after dinner both nights we had smores. The kids had a good time making smores. The pack usually has a rocket launch but since we were at a state beach we didn't do that this year. One of the other dens mother got kits to make craft rockets. The kit had a cosmetic bottle with straws. You put two different straws onto the bottle. The rockets were a big hit with the boys.

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