Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thurs 2/14 Blog Prompt
Blog Prompt: Today is Valentine’s Day. What was your favorite Valentine gift

My favorite Valentine's Day gift is seeing how excited my son is about Valentine's Day. He wanted to give DH is gifts yesterday. LOL DH and DS came into the bedroom this morning, woke me and gave me my Valentine's Day gifts. Of course they said Happy Valentine's Day! DS said can we give Daddy his gifts now? My son gave me a chocolate rose and DH came me a dozen red roses along with their cards.

My son is also excited about exchanging Valentine's cards with his classmates. The are having a little party today with cupcakes. They made envelopes to hold their Valentine's in.

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  1. Looking at things through a child's eyes never cease to amaze me. The world is a wonderful place for them and I wish they never lose this innocence!