Friday, February 08, 2008

Blue and Gold Dinner

Tonight was my son's Cub Scout's Blue and Gold Dinner. The theme this year was "Chinese New Year". Our den brought appetizers. I made spring rolls. They were really yummy and went really fast! The pack provided bbq ribs, chicken,sausage, chinese chicken salad, cesar salad and a cake. They also got chow mein, fried rice, pot stickers, won tons, steamed rice, marinated tofu from the local Chinese Restaurant. The boys in our den got their "Progress towards Rank" award. Our den performed the opening skit. It was the skit that 4 of the boys did in the talent show last month. The 2 boys learned the skit tonight. It was an easy skit to learn. It is a funny skit. I have been sick this week so I wasn't sure if I was going to be well enough to attend the Blue and Gold dinner. I started feeling better yesterday. I still have a cough. My son has the same thing. So we are coughing in stereo! LOL

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  1. This sounds wonderful! Plus you made me hungry too!