Monday, August 20, 2007

3 People I E-Mailed

Mon 8/20 Blog Prompt

Blog Prompt: Name three people you last e-mailed, and why.

To my sister. She wanted to catch up with us and to see how we are doing. I haven't talked to my sister in awhile so we were catching up on what each of us are doing.

To my Mary Kay rep. Confirming when she could drop off my order. I missed her first e-mail because it went straight to my spam folder. Luckily I checked the folder before I deleted it.

Group e-mail to DH's family inviting them over next weekend to help my DS celebrate his birthday which is this Wednesday. DS is turning 7. We had a kid birthday party for him this last weekend so now we are having one with the family. Unfortunately, our house isn't big enough to invite my family over, too. :(


  1. Email has really helped my sister and me become a lot closer! I hate filling out envelopes for some reason so email is easier than a letter. Happy Birthday to your son!

  2. Happy B'day to your son and maybe he can have another party with your family there.

  3. That spamfolder is a blessing and a curse isn't it. I lose a lot of email from people with hotmail addresses that way. Hotmail seems to be related to spam for many filters I believe.