Sunday, December 10, 2006

Nutcracker Performance

We went to see our friend's daughter dance in the Nutcracker yesterday. All of the dancers are the students from the school. They also had a Russian Ballet dancing with them. It was very enjoyable. We knew quite a few of the students that were dancing in it. One of my friends, who I haven't seen for awhile, her three girls and her husband were dancing in the production. She has a 6 month old boy who is soooo cute and very good natured. Another one of my friends was holding him and he put out him hands for me to take him. He doesn't really know me so I was surprised he wanted to come to me. He was having fun with with my son and my son with him. (image placeholder)Later we went to our church's Holiday party. The Mens Club made rigatoni with meat sauce, had yummy salad fixings, garlic bread, sherbert punch, cake and freshly baked cookies. They had some real fun crafts for the kids. Santa was there so we got a cute picture of my son sitting on Santa's lap. The lady that was taking the pictures was my son’s Sunday School teacher last year so she is going to email me a copy of the picture. It was a fun day and festive day. My son and I put up our Christmas village in our bay window. We still need to get the rest of the decorations and the tree up. It was raining yesterday. It was pouring when we came out of the Nutcracker. Last night we had some hail and some thunder and lightening but that didn't last long. The storm passed through pretty quick though. I think we have another storm coming in later.

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