Saturday, November 04, 2006

Busy October

Working in my son’s classroom, soccer and working for the school district, October has been a very busy month.  Every Saturday we have a soccer game. This is the first year my son has played soccer. The first few games the boys were still trying to figure out how to play and work as a team. But now they are playing like a team. Last week’s game we played against our neighbor’s son’s team. My son scored his first goal. He was pretty excited about it. Today’s game his team played a great game. It took them awhile to get going but once they got going they were awesome!

My son’s class went on a fun field trip to a working ranch. It was a very informative tour. They got to see chickens, horses, sheep, goats, pig, llamas, and a donkey. The got to try edible herbs, see animal skulls, see how yarn is made and plant peas to take home.

Earlier in the month we went to my sister’s birthday party at my brother’s house. Most of the family was there so it was nice to see them. We don’t live near each anymore so it is not very often that we get together other then the holidays.  It was a fun day spent with my family.

My son was so excited about Halloween. He couldn’t wait for the 31st to come. His school has a Halloween Parade and his class had a small party later in the day. The day before the PTO sponsored a pumpkin patch so all of the kids got a pumpkin. I worked in the classroom on Halloween so I got to help with the party. The kids had a great time.  He couldn’t wait for night to come. We went trick or treating with his friend across the street. That has been our tradition since they were young.  They got a lot of candy!

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