Sunday, August 13, 2006

Birthday Party

We had my son’s birthday party yesterday at a local park. It was sunny but a bit windy out. We had 9 kids. Everyone had a good time. We had invited more girls but only 2 girls showed up.  Everyone else had plans or was going on vacation. We had a kid’s aerobics person come as the entertainment. She led the kids in some fun exercises and creative play.  The kids loved it! It was fun to watch as the kids flew on magic carpets, rowed boats, made grass angels, did hula-hoops, played drums. They went on a jungle safari by being different animals, too. The food was good. The pretzel jello was a hit with the grown ups as well as the tri tip and boneless Hawaiian ribs.  Unfortunately, the piñata had ribbon that one pulled to break it open. The second kid in line pulled the string to open it so everyone else didn’t get a chance to pull a string. We didn’t know when we bought it that it was a pull ribbon one. Oh well. The kids had fun anyway. The main thing is my son had a good time.  I got all stressed out yesterday trying to get everything done. My hubby had to sit at the park early in the morning to secure a spot at one of the tables so I was getting the last minute things together myself.

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