Thursday, August 10, 2006

Preparing for My Son's Birthday Party

My son’s birthday party is coming up soon so I am trying to get things ready for the party. We decided to have the party at a park.  He wants a “Cars the Movie”
theme so I have been looking all over Cars things.  A lot of places are sold out of them.  My son and I made his birthday party invitations. I used rubber stamps and stickers.  They came out really cute.  We have goodie bags to fill and to fill
the piñata.  We have to make some of the dishes ahead of time.  I will be glad when the party is over.  They are a lot of work but it is fun to see the joy on my son’s face during the party.  This year he is old enough to help out. So it was  something we could do together. He helped plan it and shop for it.

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