Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Camping at Trinity Lake

July 13, 2006
We went up to Trinity Lake to go camping with our friends and their families.  It is about a 6-hour drive.  The weather was warm but not too warm.  We stopped in Weaverville to get a few last minute things.  Then we rolled into our campground.  Got all set up.  Fortunately we got a camp site we got was next to our friends. We got our swimsuits on and headed down to the lake for a swim.  The lake was a little higher this year due to all of the rain we had at the beginning of the year.  We grilled some steak and corn for dinner.  I marinated the steak before we left.  It was really yummy.  

July 14, 2006
I didn’t sleep well last night.  There was a lot of ruckus and voices talking.  There was a bear in the camp last night.  It knocked down the silverware tray from our friend’s campsite and broke the window of their van.  So they booby-trapped the van so it would scare the bear off if came again.  The bear left paw prints all over the van.  We took a walk around our loop.  Our son rode his bike around it. We made pancakes for breakfast this morning.  We brought all of the ingredients to make it but the baking powder so we borrowed some packaged pancake mix from our friends.  We relaxed a bit then we went down to go swimming.  It was nice because there was nobody out on the lake yet.  After our friends came down, our son wanted to ride on their jet ski so he got to go out on it with our friend.  He got to drive it and he did pretty well with it.  This was his first time on it.  He went kayaking with our friend and also kayaked in front of the beach where we were swimming.  He went out on the boat when they went water skiing and to gas up the boat.  He had a great time in the water.  We couldn’t get him out.  He definitely a water baby!  We had a chicken hobo dinner that we prepared before hand.  We had dessert with our friends.

July 15, 2006
We were going to stay for only 2 days but when we got up here my hubby decided he wanted to stay for 3 days so we will be going home tomorrow. DS went to the Junior Ranger program this morning and learned about fishes.  He had a good time and got some cool things in a goodie bag.  We had French toast this morning.  DS and I went for a walk/bike ride around our loop again.  We went swimming.  DS rode the Jet Ski again today.  We had salmon pasta with our friends.  They all slept on the beach so we went down for a bit to look at the stars with them.  We saw several satellites go by.  Saw some shooting stars, too. DS fell asleep though so he missed a lot of it. After we went to bed, I heard the silverware crashed again.  Our friend set his car alarm off to scare the bear.

July 16, 2006
The bear tried to break into the van again but on the passenger side but our friend scared it off with his car alarm.  The bear got into a bag of soaps that our friend collects from hotels and motels.  They found the bag with bear slobber on it not too far from the van.  I wonder if the bear enjoyed the taste of the soap??? lol

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